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Real Australian Value

Bonza stuff for good mates!

Help the important work of Values Australia flourish.

"Politicians don't own Australian values"
So sophisticated!
Aussie Value #2 - Cold beer!

Fair Dinkum Aussie Mate Cetrificate T-Shirt

A real Mate would buy this shirt.

Range of 15 shirts

The Fair Dinkum Aussie Mate Cetrificate:
"The Wearer, having satisfied the requirements prescribed by the Fair Dinkum Aussie Mateship Act 2006,
Shall hereinafter be known to be a True Blue Aussie Mate, no worries."

Signed by the Minister, Philip McCrack.


A Mate is someone who won't root your wife
(without asking you first)

Range of 15 shirts

A Mate is someone who doesn't want your job
which explains why Howard has no mates (apart from being a complete bogan)



Don't be a mug! Be a Mate &Get the Mug!






 people where they belong

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